Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poppies Are Red

This is the time of year that I really wait for all winter. As colors start popping in the gardens and the eye is drawn to each splash of red, and blue and yellow. as each perennial flower opens, announcing it's blooms. These days the poppies are singing their song with a complimentary note from the Shasta daisies. I have been forcing myself to stay in the studio and work on the commissions I have to finish for clients... and on the new works in the making.

Addie [ our eye impaired Corgi] demands time for walking and loving as she heals... along with her bored companion, Nell the little terrier-ist. So on my breaks from the studio, we walk around the gardens and make mental notes about what needs to be done to maintain the flower beds. It is an never ending labor of love.

So here is a sneak preview of what is happening in the gardens as I write. Enjoy .....and I need to get back to the art work at hand!


B Lancton said...

Poppies are my favorites - as much as I love my studio, I would never be able to stay in if I knew those poppies were out there. They are beautiful! Thanks for the peek at your garden. My day got a cheer!

Suzanne in Maine said...

Living in "your" old house, I have very much enjoyed the poppies you left behind. Last year they were prolific; this year they would have been too, were it not from the resident woodchuck poplation. Only one bloom survived, and then there was the rain. I know the woodchucks could be dispatched, but I can't. Maybe I will get them moved. They seem to have multiplied since my elderly lab passed on.