Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Collar-ed Corgi

She looks like the girl in the bubble!!

After a week of worrying about our Addie's right eye......and many visits to the vet's, today Addie had surgery on the eye and is now resting peacefully at home, even if a bit miffed at having to wear a silly old collar that certainly detracts from her beauty....and her ability to scoff up her food. She is a Corgi you know!!! Nell, the resident JRT, thinks Addie looks silly in this collar!! And how can she , in good terrier fashion, bite Addie when the collar gets in the way??

We had so many good folks contact us with prayers and positive thoughts during and after her surgery, that we want to thank everyone...we know it helped!!!

Even now it means a lot of hand walking the two dogs and doling out meds....I should be able to get back into the studio to finish up some almost completed works and start on some new ones.

If life doesn't keep getting in the way!!


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Hope your Addie heals quickly! Critters look so funny in

B Lancton said...

Those collars sure get in the way navigation-wise, too! I hope Addie is out of that collar soon, and all healed.

Kpeters said...

The E-collar really gets in the way when maneuvering around this small cottage! But she is game! She is a brave girl!