Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Welsh Cob Filly

Our Sec. D Welsh Cob filly [Thistle Mead Margret] will be 4 this April. She is often a model for me and inspires me to paint and draw her. This is a 8 x 8" study that I did today for a painting that I will be starting soon. 'Maggie' is a beautiful bay,with red highlights in her mane and tail...and an attitude that says 'I am a princess and very important.' Her training has started and will be continued if the weather ever improves. In the meantime Miss Maggie is enjoying being a lazy princess and best friend to my Tennessee Walker gelding Sundust's Glory Boy B. [aka "Duster"]

And I will continue to be inspired by the Welsh princess., our Miss Maggie.

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