Monday, March 24, 2008

Lofty Ideas

I am sitting here trying not to fall asleep……………I have been working on my taxes…late for me this year. But I kept putting it off. Other things got in the way…like working on a painting that I was really excited about! I can’t get excited about taxes.

My artwork going to two invitational shows…one in California [‘The Grand National’ at the Cow Palace] and the second in Missouri [‘The Horse In Fine Art’ at the Columbia Art League] has been picked up my by carrier and CD music plays, easy listening elevator type music that is helping to put me to sleep…I think I need to change it!! There! Now Corinne Bailey Rae is wafting her blues through the studio! Much better!

I have been working on two paintings and am working in both casein and acrylic. It is a new mix for me…but I think I like it! The work above is a 20 x 16 piece and is another of my ‘from the loft’ works that are becoming a series. This is one of our black horses as seen from the loft in winter. It is not done…but will be soon. I will repost it when done.

The second painting is a 12 x 12” racing piece…same method, casein and acrylics, but on canvas board this time. I like the way my glazes work with this mix…but for now I NEED to finish my taxes.


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