Sunday, March 30, 2008

From The Loft 1 And 2

This idea came to life a while ago.

First I finished the casein and acrylic painting above and liked it. The concept excited back I went up into our barn hayloft this winter and came up with the design for a second painting, same size [16 x 20"] and medium. The composition called for a vertical format for the second painting. I just finished it today and was able to shoot it with the digital before I varnish it. I can get a better photo of it before it is varnished . Casein is a lovely paint to get prints from, as the paint has a matte and velvety finish. But I wanted to protect these works with varnish, as they will not be framed by me. Having been done on gallery wrapped canvas, they are ready to hang without a frame.

The above painting is titled "From The Loft-Summer". The black horse depicted is my special man , Imperial Dominator D., a now 28 year old man, turning gray...but still the head of the herd on our farm and our resident grouch. Dom and I have logged about 1000 competitive miles over his [and my] lifetime. And as I said, he is my 'main man'. He and I have a very special relationship that has grown over the many miles of trail we have covered in the past. I know him so well.

"From The Loft-Winter" depicts my black Tennessee Walker gelding , Duster. Duster is 22 this year. I find it is hard to believe how fast time has gone. It seems like yesterday that Duster was born on our Pownal farm and I was there with his mother "Ebony" when he arrived. He has been a good boy all his life ...even if a bit too to eager to do his job at times. He and his buddy Dom are my models for all my "Shades of Black" series.

It seems I have a non-ending source of inspiration here on Cob Cottage Farm.

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