Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Second Draft Pair Painting And The Gift


"The Grays" , casein on board, 12 x 12"  ©2015

 Again from our summer days spent at Acadia......the gentle drafts who work at Wildwood Stables, pulling their carriages full of tourists on the beautiful carriage roads of Acadia. These handsome grays wait as their carriage is being loaded.....ready to do their job. I did this painting in casein , and it is on board, cradled and ready to hang. The Grays.
 I have been sketching a lot lately. Some of my sketches are sketchy at best. Some end up being more 'finished', and I offer them on my website , as I have found over the years ,that some folks like the sketches, the drawings that usually end up as a painting, rather than the painting its self. "The Gift " is one of those sketches that falls into that category. It depicts a scene that any horse lover has seen many times.... The sweet moment when your horse reaches down to you, sniffing your outstretched hand in anticipation of a treat, an apple, a carrot...a gift. How appropriate for this time of year....the time of the year where we reach out and remember the gift that we were given a long time ago when a baby was born in a stable as the greatest gift of all.
"The Gift"  , graphite study , 12 x 9" © 2015
 I am busy this time of year. I'm finishing up the last of 2015 commissions and trying to get into the new year mode. We are still waiting on our snow......and until it comes I paint.

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