Thursday, October 15, 2015

New ..... A Downeast Lighthouse Painting

"Dice Head Lighthouse - Castine,Maine" , Oil  12 x 12" ©2015

My latest oil painting depicts the beautiful “Dice Head Lighthouse” of Castine, Maine. A summer road trip Downeast prompted a visit to this lighthouse. The surrounding trees, in the yard of the lighthouse, had branches draped with gray -green lichen. I was fascinated with the way it decorated the landscape…..and chose adding it for my first work depicting this interesting lighthouse. The current tower was built in 1829 out of rubble stone, remodeled in 1858 and has long since been dark, replaced by an automated light tower. The lighthouse is a delight to the eye.

Fall has settled in on our small farm. We are starting to put our carriages away for the winter, and getting ready to pull out the snow blower and put away the lawnmowers. I love the cool [some cold] nights and sun filled days where bright orange and yellow color washes the forested edges of our fields, dispersed by the dark greens of our spruce and pines. The horses are full of energy and playfulness. The yard is busy with the seed hording of our resident varmints and Nell is in hunt mode all day in full terrier tradition.

I am trying to find time to paint……………

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