Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Small Oil And Summer Is Here

Bee working hard.   copyright 2012

I have been busier than a bee in spring....and now that summer is officially here, I can't see things slowing down for a long while!!  The spring that brought us lots of rain, turned sunny and warm and the gardens are growing like Topsy. I can't keep ahead of it all.In fact I can't even catch up!!!!  But I am enjoying each new flower that bursts open with color and scent. I know that we are thoroughly blessed here on the farm.

Rosa Rugosa just sweet the smell.

The horses are enjoying all the green that their pasture has put forth.... and we all are resting easy since their winter's hay is put into the barn and sweetly perfuming the loft air. 

Clematis adorns the arbor giving us shade to enjoy.

Nell and I have taken to the cooler woods paths for our walks....and on one of those woodland walks we spied a small bird's nest hanging from a sapling, swaying in the breeze. One tiny egg lay in it, all speckled, it was safely hidden under an umbrella of the sapling's green leaves. How sweet and small a promise it is.I think it is a nuthatch egg. I had to do a small painting of it...small as the egg and nest themselves. "One Egg" is an oil on copper, 4 x 4" image size.....and will be framed in a golden wooden frame, available on my website.

"One Egg"   Oil on copper     4 x 4"   copyright 2012

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Anns Art said...

What a great painting, love it!

Carol Reynolds said...

Gem of a painting! Nice job. I also enjoyed your photographs

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Kathi, I love the life you live painting and enjoying nature. There is no better combination. Your little bird's nest is darling. xo Jenny

Kpeters said...

Hi Ann!! The tiny egg and nest are precious...a great subject to capture for all time!!

Kpeters said...

Thank you, Carol. I love doing these small works....always a challenge to arrange the composition! kp

Kpeters said...

HI Jenny!! So glad that you enjoy it. Yes....I kinda love my life too!! :-) I hope it shows!! Thanks!!