Saturday, April 21, 2012

Three New Spring Paintings

"Bright And Beautiful"  Oil on board   8 x 10"  copyright 2012

For days on end, the sun has shone and the weather has been calling me out to the gardens. I have revelled in the spring ritual of pulling weeds and digging up and moving plants.I have also come to the conclusion that I have too many gardens and not enough hours in a day to get all the things done that I want to, or need to. So Nell and I have tried to divide our time between gardening and painting. I am making headway with both!!

I finished an oil painting of a mare and foal...beautiful Hanoverians with coats of many colors. When I saw the photo of these two,a photo shot by friend photographer Vicki Wright of New Jersey...I had to paint it. Vicki has some wonderful photos of mares and foals, and I seem to be on a foal kick....must be a spring thing too!! I took artistic license with the reference photo and gave birth to "Bright and Beautiful". Thank you Vicki!!!

So after working in the studio, I was looking for a change of pace and to take advantage of the beautiful weather, headed out for some plein air painting. I packed up my trusty little thumbox pochade and headed to the orchard with Nell, where I enjoyed painting in sunshine and fresh air. Our plum trees are resplendent this spring, promising plums and jellies this summer. I can't wait!! So in honour of their beauty, I portrayed their blossoms against the blue April skies. I painted in oil, on a copper panel. "Plum Blossoms" is a 6 x 8" oil and will be up on my website in the Small Works Collection.

"Plum Blossoms"    Oil on copper     6 x 8"   copyright 2012

And then I started another oil on copper with my bright yellow daffodils as subjects....Their color just sings against all the green that abounds this time of year. Here they are....also displayed in the Small Works Collection of my website.

"Spring Yellow"   Oil on copper    8 x 6" copyright 2012

Now we are supposed to have a  few days of rain and gray weather,they say. ..I shall not complain.We need the rain. April showers bring May flowers. I can't wait!!!


martinealison said...

Vous avez de l'énergie à revendre dites-moi... De très belles peintures.
J'aime particulièrement celle avec les chevaux. Sa composition et son mouvement sont très intéressants.
Gros bisous

Kpeters said...

Martine,Thank you!! I stay engerized!! I have so many paintings to do....and it seems like so little time!! And good composition is so important to any painting. Thank you so for following my art blog!! Ciao!

Mom 'N Poppy ...The Empty Nester's said...

I love your work! Beautiful!

Kpeters said...

Thank you Mom N Poppy. Enjoy!!!