Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Painting Small With Big Color - Carefully

"Lady On The Gray"  casein  5 x 5"       ©2012 kathi peters

Snow falls on and off today.It covers the ground with a clean soft blanket,hiding the icy spots....so I walk slowly and carefully. A bit of caution is called for. I heed the warning and proceed prudently.

And I have been painting small.....small works, but pushing the color....and this is good.The beautiful snow falling inspired me to paint one of my perfect Christmas trees that stand in my gardens. I also painted a small 5 x 5" casein of a wonderful side-saddle rider on her gray steed.Both small works will be available through my website.

"The Perfect Tree"    casein     5 x 5"  ©2012

And in between painting small paintings I did a larger,but not too large, 12 x 9" casein on paper, depicting a four in hand ....as seen from a different angle. "Four In Hand From Above" was inspired by a scene from Maine's Acadia's Wildwood Stable.The horses were waiting by the barn, beneath the loft window on a hot summer day....I love seeing the world go by while sitting in the hay loft !!

So I have been busy in the studio....and walking slowly, carefully around the farm.


Anns Art said...

Love these paintings. You are right and what a good idea to put bold colour on a small painting, it works. I especially like the four in hand and how you have the groom straightening the rein for the driver.

Kpeters said...

Thanks Ann. I love doing subjects froma skewed angle....Makes for interesting design.