Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Fjord Pair Watercolor In The Works

The New Year celebrations are over.We enjoyed dinner with fellow artists and their spouses.[the unsung heroes!].Artist Susan Renee Lammers and her husband Robert invited us to a lovely dinner highlighted by a delicious seafood chowder that we shared with Gregory Dunham, his wife Pat and their daughter.There was much laughter and talk....a great start to the new year 2012. Now it is time to get back to the studio with new conviction and to create.

"Fjord Pair"  watercolor  ©2012 Kathi peters

I have started a watercolor of a driving pair of Fjords horses.It is almost done at this point. A second painting,a casein on paper sits on my easel, and I work on that while I wait for the watercolor to dry between glazes. I am not one for hurrying up the drying progress of watercolors with the use of a hair blower....I prefer to let nature take it's course and elect in stead, to use that time to change direction,with new eyes and work in another medium.....still a water medium... but in my first love casein!

And I have prepared a copper panel for a new oil....Now I need to get that idea sketched out onto the copper.  A new ideas!

Maine is cold now.This morning the temperature was a bone chilling 3ยบ F. Nellie and I are trying to work up energy to head down to the barn to do barn chores.Just a another cup of coffee and I should be ready to go!!

Cold frozen ground,with clouds rushing by. © 2012 kathi peters


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I always love seeing your works in progress. Stay warm!

Ann's Art said...

That's a lovely painting Kathi. Hope your chores weren't too difficult in the cold - the weather is very very windy at the moment! Our daughter tells us she has kept her pony in the stable, by the time her rug will have blown up and frightened her (the pony that is) and the fencing has fallen down, again frightening her...she may as well keep her in...ah well, the joys of horse ownership aye!

Bonnie said...

Nice watercolor Kathi. Chores are never fun when it's so cold out. I know it's colder where you live compared to here in the south. I keep the girls up at night and if the wind is blowing really hard I keep them up during the day. Oh just one more cup of coffee always helps before heading out to the barn. But once in there with the girls and one little guilding pony all is well. They are always happy to see me. I hope your 2012 is all you want it to be.

Kpeters said...

Thank you all! I am staying warm...have the heater turned up in the studio and painting away.

Get creative,,,,!!and have fun!!