Sunday, January 22, 2012

Horses and Hound and Maine Winter

Duster looks out over distant fields.   ©2012 kathi peters

Winter has been cold and bitter of late....winds howled and snow blew.The horses cherished any sun they could find,soaking up any warmth it might afford them.But I have to admit that the snow covering the farm and forest is beautiful to look at.....soft to walk through....and not that hard to shovel.I am grateful for small miracles!

Victoria enjoys her side of the barn.  ©2012 kathi peters

Nell soak up sun anywhere she can find it in the house.   ©2012 kathi peters

The buoy chime swings in the wind. ©2012 kathi peters

I have been working in my studio each day. I have finished a new painting of a mare and foal. "Mother and Son" will be up on my website soon. I am also busy on an smaller casein painting on paper....a four-in- hand driving scene from up at Acadia National Park.....a freguent subject for my artwork. I paint what I know and what I love......Acadia is so beauiful. Combine that with carriage driving.....heaven!!!

But now it is cold out. Winter is in full force and my days are spent in the studio,...while our resident horses and hound look for comfort in the warmth of the winter sun, while they dream of spring,summer, warmer days.


Anns Art said...

That all looks so beautiful. We haven't had any snow this Winter, good thing really, but it is always so lovely to see.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Love the photos!