Monday, July 18, 2011

Things That Take Me Away From My Studio

"Pond Iris"            oil on copper panel                    6 x 8"

I have a new copper panel ready for painting Plein Air....I want to get out and paint the pond lilies in our field pond,a bigger and deeper pond than the small oil I finished a few days ago.[ "Pond Iris" ] The yellow and white pond lilies in the big pond are in full bloom, reaching for the sun from the depth of the deep dark pond. Nellie and I have been there several times on our walks to check out their growth, but I have yet to get time to go there and actually paint. Maybe over the next few days,if it doesn't rain.
My artwork for Equidae Gallery,Saratoga Springs,NY, has FINALLY left the studio after a snafu on my carrier's part. The show there opens this Thursday, July 22, 2011. I guess my shipping problem is one of the down-sides of living in the woods!

The weather lately has been  very hot by Maine standards My studio is cool in the summer, so Nell and I have been staying in the studio a lot if I do go out to paint, I will leave Nell in the house,sleeping. I think.

Take me!!???


Renee Lammers said...

Oh it is soooo good to see you went outside and painted! I am so pleased. I blog so much hoping to just inspire painters to do this. I see you did a great painting on copper too! I hope to be able to paint with you outside soon. Keep on going out to paint. It is wicked fun isn't it?

Kpeters said...

Renee,It is great to get out..and I will be doing more plein air, but there is a large part of my work that can not be done the plein air will be a break for me to get out of the "studio work".Thanks for pushing me out the proverbial door!!!

JuniV said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. Another one of your paitings that I love is of birch trees. Really beautiful. Thank you for sharing it on your blog.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Great painting! Glad the shipping thing worked out. I've only had one major problem, but you never know.