Monday, July 25, 2011

Painting In & Out - In Casein & Oil

"Day Lilies and Bird Bath" Plein Air
I felt a need to get out of the studio and away from the casein painting I am working on, so I readied my Thumbox with oil paint and a new 8 x 6" copper panel...and off into the very warm day I went, to sit in the shade on the north of our house, while I painted the glorious yellow day lilies in blossom where they sit under the front "Look Into Garden"'s bird bath. I am liking the ability to change medium and subject matter....and environment. I am starting to get the knack of plein air work. It is a learning process for me. I have a hard time focusing on what to paint and how to approach the work when I am surrouned by so much visual abundance. I am thinking that this changing of gears,so to speak,will only help me with my studio work too. Now that I have the small  plein air oil drying in the studio,I look at it and can see where values need to be addressed,lines fixed and will finish off the painting... and will then be putting it up on my website.

I also finished a small casein of our JRT  from the photo that I posted in my last blog entry. "A Sweet Face" is varnished, framed and going to a good home. It is so easy to buy work off my website over the Internet using PayPal's secure login. Don't forget!

"A Sweet Face"   casein on board      6 x 6"     SOLD

They say we are getting some rain.This is good.The fields are dry around our farm....the gardens need watering daily.The watering takes a good part of the day.I have to grab my studio time when I can. I am grabbing some time now!


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Love the paintings. do you like your thumbbox. I'm about the get a new pochade and I'm torn between the thumb and larger Guer. French Res. which is large. I'm worried I'll want to fill it I guess!!! LOL! Anyway, just thought I would ask.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

You captured the fresh outdoors. I love the dog.

Kpeters said...

I Love the Thumbox....and when it comes time to get a larger pochade I think I would get their French Res. For now I am doing small plein air works so the 6 x 8" box is just right. Have fun!!

Kpeters said...

Thanks Jenny.....Someone else loved the dog too! That painting has gone to a new home!!!!