Friday, July 15, 2011

Plein Air Or A Wonderful Afternoon

My Thumb-box that was a gift!

Today is one of those summer days that we, here in Maine, dream about when snow piles up to our windows and frost bites our noses.The day dawned cool and sun filled. A constant breeze blew through the trees and the smell of my roses filled the air. I HAD to paint outside. I do have work that needs to be done in the studio, but this was too good a day to miss. I headed out after lunch. I didn't go far. I sat on my garden bench, by my pool where water trickles over stones and through flowers... and I painted.I painted my "pond" and the Japanese Iris and the rocks. At one point two deer walked through the woods beside me...I yelled at them, as I am sure they were looking over my garden like a smorgasbord meal.

Various bugs also stopped in to check out my progress and approve......

My critic

I used my Guerilla Thumbox and painted in oil on a copper substrate. My thumbox was a gift from good friend and fellow artist Renee Lammers. Renee paints plein air everyday [just about]...and on a day like today, it is easy to explain why. But Renee also paints in the winter when the snow is up to the windows and the frost bites noses!!!! Her work is wonderful!! I have some hanging on our walls. Renee also has got me painting on copper panels.....I love it with oils!!

Here is the painting I did Alla about 2 1/2 hours. I will get a better shot of it later, but I just wanted to share a great day!! As Renee says..."Get out and paint". ;-)

"Japanese Iris"  oil on copper     6 x 8"       copyright 2011 Kathi Peters


Linda Shantz said...

When I saw the pic of your box I was going to ask you what it was, Kathi! I want one! And the painting looks great. :-)

Kpeters said...

Linda,Thanks...and the painting outside ,away from the studio is a nice way to get one's mojo working again!!My Thumbox is a 6 x 8" but they have all sizes and it seems to be very well made.I picked up additions to make it work for me.... I love it!! Have fun!