Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Spanish Walk

"The Spanish Walk"   casein    12x9"

I grew up in Italy.....vacationed as a child in Spain and Portugal. Europe was a wonderful place for a child to grow up in, to explore and to meet people with different backgrounds, interests and life experiences. 
Today from the comfort of my studio I am doing the I meet new Facebook friends from all over the world. One of these new friends is Jordi from Spain...with all the wonderful  PRE horses that he rides. This latest casein painting is of Jordi on one of the horses. 
I look at the wonderful landscape with the  purple mountains of Spain in the background,a lake behind the sand of the riding ring and the strength and power of a wonderful horse. I dream of going back....back to Portugal...back to Spain....and most of all back to Italy  that I called home!

But for now....back to the easel and life here in Maine with my own horses....and the dogs who want walking!! A long cry from the "Spanish Walk"!! 

p.s. Jordi works for a travel agency.....want to go to Spain!!!???


sue said...

I love this. The colour and the simplicity - and of course the majesty of the horse :o)

Kpeters said...

Thanks Sue......doesn't it make you want to head to Spain???