Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changes In The Making

This is a view of my studio as it was my loft....cozy, but very cramped.The ceiling slanting down to a point that I had to go on my hands and knees [not a pretty sight] to get to my paints and papers stored. I can't count how many times I got up from my kneeling stool, that I sit on when working at my drawing board, only to bang my head on the ceiling above. My easel fit in the high side of the studio,where I could stand and look out the windows down onto the gardens below.... and down onto the fields with the barn and our horses. Lovely to look at, but I couldn't stand back and look at my painting in progress for fear of backing up and falling down the spiral stair case. [Not a pretty site either!]
So we are in the process of moving me and all that my studio entails, down the spiral staircases..down into the bowels of Cob Cottage ...where I will have a large...all on one floor studio with a ceiling high enough to stand up in and more....a room with a view onto my back gardens and the arbor.The room is darker for sure, but I can light it artificially. The added advantage is also the fact that I can use my oil paints here, far from our bedroom....and during warmer weather I will be able to work with the back door open ....or just step outside and paint plein air!!!
So soon I will be able to post some photos of the new space[ which is not a pretty sight this point! ] And I so look forward to a positive change in studio space and artistic environs and atmosphere!

In the mean time....please take a look at my new page added on this blog with small 20 minute 'challenge' [or less] sketches done in pen and ink or pencil of any old subject that comes to my mind..... a change too of endeavors! [ Look up under my heading above to see the new pages added on my blog!! Look up!!! ]

P.S. This challenge was prompted by fellow artist, friend and blogger Michael Nobbs . I challenge you to follow him and his neat creative and thought provoking blog! Michael is a hoot!!


L.Holm said...

congrats on your move to the new space. crawling for supplies is not fun..i know first hand!

Kpeters said...

It is a big move...well not really, but the spiral stairway [2 floors] and some big furniture makes it hard and slow...for us!