Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Consider this a postcard invitation to the online art show held by "Women Artists Of The West"...of which I am one! I feel very privileged to be a juried member of this National group of artists...even if I don't live in the West , but in the woods of East Coast New England! With two paintings of mine in the show.....I am 'hanging' with a great bunch of women artists!

The past few days have been sunny and brisk around the farm, very wintry! But today dawned sunny and warmer! With temps up in the mid 30"s, way above freezing, I hiked out into the fields with the dogs and then on our way back I stopped at the barn and brushed two of our horses, old Dom and Duster our perennial 4 year old [who is actually 24!] My gloves and hat ..and face ..were covered with horse hair. Nell , our JRT had a grand time chasing hair clumps as they rolled around the paddock. She jumped with joy! I think I need to paint that scene!

I am working on an watercolor now of a Maine girl and her horse as they do mounted shooting. That is a equine discipline that is full of action and noise! and I am doing this while waiting for some casein paintings to dry. I am not content with only working on one painting at a time, and have to jump from painting to painting to keep my muse amused.....

Guess I have the attention span of a Parson Jack Russell Terrier!!


Marie Theron said...

Hi Kathi, how nice to read about your activities. All the best for the show and the new equestrian portrait! Has the weather treated you well this last month?

Kpeters said...

In the past few days we have had sunny but cold..today it felt very warm at 42 degrees here!!
But I am sure we will get more winter before it actually turns spring here!

Alyson Champ said...

Hi Kathi,
I just stole a little time to take a peek at the WAOW show -congratulations!The show looks really good and your work, as always, looks terrific. I especially like the watercolour.

Kpeters said...

Thanks Alyson...I will be doing more watercolors in the near future!!!