Saturday, September 12, 2009

Working On The Biggers

The canvas with the 'Beautiful Blonde Belgians' is in the 'uglies' stage. All paintings seem to go though that phase... where I sort of loose direction and have to pull the work back together again. The fact that my studio is so small is also a problem when I work on these larger canvases.
But I am excited about this one...and I do know where I want to go with it...I am just not there yet!

The artshow reception at Anderson Galleries in Locust Valley, NY took place on Thursday [9/10/09] evening and I have already had positive input about the show and my work. Hope you can get into the gallery to see my work and the lovely work of the other artists exhibited there.

Color is slow, so far, to hit the trees surrounding our farm. But I can heard the sounds of fall and the sad passing of summer in the birds and insects around Cob Cottage. The yellow finch are singing like they never sang all summer. I wonder if they will stick around this winter cheering up the gray landscape with their sunny yellow? I hope so!

Back to my painting....mixing my colors for the day.

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