Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Am Not Feeding The Deer

The weather lately has be the most awesome...bright sun filled days followed by cool starlit nights. I love it! The garden is winding down for the fall and the deer are nibbling their way through our backyard each evening. The beautiful zinnias and morning-glories in my veggie garden are like hors d'oeuvres for them. So I picked one bright zinnia to grace my windowsill in my studio. The sunlight pouring through the old jelly glass [One that we use as a juice glass for morning orange juice] prompted this small 'gem"..... 7 X 5" Casein on board. I have placed it in my Small Works Collection on my website too.

I am still working on the larger canvas of the Belgian draft horses.
The summer days have just seemed to fly by here at Cob Cottage.

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