Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Black Horses

It is raining......foggy and wet around the farm. But our 4 horses wanted to get out ... so they are out and now know the folly of their antics in their stalls. When it is time to come in... I hope they appreciate their clean and dry stalls!!

Today I have been working on a study of a lovely little Morgan in harness, that will be a watercolor at some point. I also am waiting on a casein to dry and wonder if that would be happening today. It is a 16 x 20" gallery wrapped canvas of two driving horses whom I met last year at Acadia. They were not in driving harness, but rather were on their way out of the stables for a stretch walk with their owner, along the carriage roads under the Triad. It probably is best to let this painting sit for another day and work on the other casein painting...a 12 x 12" Thoroughbred racing scene that I have going.

'The Two Blacks' [at Acadia] painting is depicted the point it is today....needs more work...but not today. After the rains.....

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