Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Looking to the Future

This little lady, who is named 'Tara', is a 'little one' no more......Friesian fillies grow up to be rather big ladies. This is a watercolor that I finished just last week and finally the snow stopped enough for me to be able to get a photo of it. The work is too big to scan with the scanner, and had to be digitally shot. The filly depicted is one of several handsome foals that I have painted from Tanbark Acres. This watercolor is available for purchase.

Between shoveling snow, shoveling horse stalls and walking the dog..... I have been getting works packaged and sent out to a new Gallery that I am with in Lexington , KY. Gallery B is having a benefit show called "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" and I have several works that will be included in the show.

I also will be having other works in two National Invitational art shows this spring... this giving me more exposure....the future is looking good.


j9 said...

I just saw your blog - how nice! And of course I see Tara looking out over the fence. She is getting very pretty now - she'll be 2 in April and *finally* getting through the gawky years. Her mom is due with another on June 1 2008. And Hiltje is due 2 weeks prior. Let's hope for more fillies :) Thinking of you - Jeannine

Kpeters said...

Thanks, Jeannine think we need an updated painting for is always to joy to paint your Frisians!