Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What Happens When Your Studio Is Small

With four horses to care for, a Corgi to walk, perennial gardens [that surround our cottage] that need spring cleaning and getting all details put together for a museum art exhibit I am curating……..Life has been a bit of a jumble lately. I do manage to get into my studio each day and work. The above image is a casein just finished……..”Penned #1” is one of two caseins finished of the same subject matter. In fact the second is a continuation of the first. Thus it is appropriately named “Penned #2”. These are small, 5 x 7”, but a number three will be coming soon and it will be bigger!
I have come to the conclusion that I do small works because my studio is small………the old ‘bell jar’ theory. That is why I am planning on working outside more this summer. With the sky above me, I shouldn't be hitting my head as I often do in my loft studio!Stay tuned!

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