Thursday, May 24, 2007

To Work Or Not to Work?

In the studio, that is......That is the question.

It is so hard to stay in the studio and work these days. I get up from a commission I am working on and look out at the garden and think ”Hmmmmm... those weeds need to be pulled. That clump of Wooly Thyme needs to be divided. The forsythias need to be trimmed.” So where do I end up? In the garden! But my philosophy is that it was a long cold winter and the good Lord has given me these bright days to work in the garden.

I have finished this attached watercolor, one of three watercolors portraying harness racing; that will be on exhibit at Equidea Gallery in Saratoga, NY this summer. It is called “In The Blue”. It is always a pleasure to get back into painting in watercolor after working in casein. The paint behaves so differently and serendipitously………

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