Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ponies... More Ponies At Acadia

 "Ponies At Acadia" , casein , 9 x 12" ©2015

This is my latest casein painting done. The subjects , the handsomest four-in-hand of gray ponies,.... who I saw up at Acadia this summer. They were just coming back from a long drive. We were just leaving with our carriage, loaded on out trailer and were heading back from a month of driving at Acadia.
That leader pony, watching me, captured my eye.... I had to paint that inquisitive face. Why didn't I include the carriage and passengers? Because for me it was more about the horses......."Ponies At Acadia"

Most of today was spent in the studio as summer continues it hot muggy and frankly not too pleasant weather. I am not a lover of humidity and heat. But soon winter will come with its blast of frigid cold and snow.....I am hoping for some cool sun-filled fall weather about now. So for the time being I will be cloistered in my studio cave....painting.

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martinealison said...


Une superbe peinture avec ce fabuleux attelage ! J'aime beaucoup l'harmonie des couleurs des robes de vos chevaux.

Gros bisous ✿