Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Power and Strength , A New Oil Painting

"The Wheelers"  oil , 14 x 16" ©2015

Driving a team of four horses pulling a carriage is a sport of gentlemen. There is an old saying that a gentleman doesn't drive more than four. For me, seeing the power and strength of a smartly turned-out four in hand is a thing of beauty. I appreciate the scene in its entirety, but sometimes by looking at the whole, you can miss a piece of it that is special. That is what I did with my latest oil painting done. I honed in on a piece of the whole.  A four-in-hand team is made up of two pair of horses; the strong wheelers who are closest to the carriage and actually do the majority of pulling of the carriage, and the leaders who are usually the flashier pair, finer and brave to be out front.  I have taken a view of the wheelers, up close and in the draft, pulling their carriage. The driving lines to the leaders cut across the wheelers profiles, cutting the composition and providing movement across the painting. It was an interesting and exciting element and fun to paint and develop.  “The Wheelers” is now on my website and available.

Our Maine weather has been so hot and muggy this August. Perfect "stay in the studio and paint" weather. I am taking advantage of it and have more paintings in the works. It is a joy awakening every day to work that I love to do…… and so I paint!!


Carol Reynolds said...

This painting is alive and powerful. You have captured the beauty and strength of these horses.

Kpeters said...

Thank you Carol!! I am sorry that I missed your kind comment on my work.
Thank you!