Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And Then It Snowed

February's  Nor' Easter  the view from my studio
It snowed and the wind blew and when it was all over our early February Northeaster snow storm left us with over 2 feet of white....and in blowing, created snow drifts over 5 feet high. The horses could not get out of their stalls ......and we were facing days of shoveling to get them out. But good friends make good neighbors, and a friend ,who is also our" plow guy", showed up and punched the snow back from the sides of our barn, with his truck....sparing us the chore. So the horses finally got out to enjoy the deep fluffy snow.

A squirrel has taken up housekeeping in one of our bird houses....  

"Warning Signs"    charcoal & Conte Sketch on paper 

 In between shoveling snow and shoveling stalls, I did a conte and charcoal sketch of "Warning Signs" ....I just needed to get away from the paint for a good bit. It always jump kicks my muse to change medium....change method. It was fun and I have added the sketch to the Sketches and Studies page on my website. And then I got out my watercolors and I did a painting of the Morgan boys acting the fools....a scene that presented itself when the horses were turned out  after the big storm...... "Acting The Fools" , a  11 x 17" watercolor, will be up on my website as soon as I get a good photo of it.....but here it is in it's last stages.....all most done!!

"Acting The Fools"  , watercolor , 11 x 17" © kathi peters 2013

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