Friday, July 13, 2012

Busy With Boxes - The Other Part Of Being An Artist

Some of  My Asian Lilies
I HAVE been busy....did a bit of painting since my last blog post....AND did take some time off to play teamster for a day in Acadia. Les and I went driving with good friends, on the carriage roads of Acadia National Park. Tom and Irene have a lovely huge pair of Clydes....the Budweiser type of, as we were going out driving with them Les also drove a pair of  Clydes.  Both of us ,with our Clyde pair, leisurely drove the scenic carriage roads to my favourite spot...the Rockefeller's Little Long Pond route to the Pond House. Ah , the memories of years gone by! Seems like yesterday that we drove those roads with our Cobs.....but the sweet Clyde boys we were driving now were well behaved and gave us a lovely day in the park.

After we got home, I did a small oil on copper of one of the scenes I have wanted to paint for a long time...No time like the present! This is the view from the causeway, at the bottom of Little Long Pond, looking up the water towards the Pond House.....the mountains in the back round out a wonderful summer scene. This is the view as seen from the seat of a carriage....a bit higher than how one might see it from the ground. I think this is the BEST way to see the carriage roads. They appear differently when seen from the back of a horse or from the lofty carriage seat. This is the way they are meant to be seen.!! Try it!! 

But now I need to get back to the work at hand in my studio.....packing all my art that goes to Equidae Gallery in Saratoga Springs,NY. The show opens next week.....and I will post more about that in a few days.....right now, I am busy with boxes and bubble wrap....and paintings strewn all over the studio!! See....artists don't just create....they ship too!!


Anns Art said...

I agree with you, seeing things from a carriage is the only way to travel...must say these boys look well matched and from the photo seem to be working well together. Oh, how I would love to have driven them. Your painting is great, and I like the atmosphere you have put into it.

Kpeters said...

Ann, They were great,each their own persona....and fun the watch how they played their part. Good boys. We had a wonderful day with dear friends. Hope to get back up there with them ,and other friends this October. Thanks!