Monday, October 31, 2011

Paintings Of Kentucky Done In Maine

"Foal From The Farm"       Casein     5 x 5"
Winter came early.With leaves still left on the deciduous trees a heavy wet winter storm covered the farm here in Maine with a taste of what is coming in the next few weeks.That was on Saturday night.This Monday most of our snow is gone...the grass is green or ice covered.Time to get ready for the hours of studio time that winter affords me. Most of today I have been busy packing done works away and making room for new works to come.....and getting rid of some old work too. A cleansing of sorts. Maybe it is also the nesting syndrome?

One of the new works done is a small gem...5 x 5".... and is offered in a gold wooden frame. "Foal From The Farm" is one of Cobra Farm of Lexington, KY's foals....all cozy in a nest of sorts it seems. And then I also did a small oil on copper of the wonderful barn at the Red Mile race track in Lexington,KY. This is a 8 x 6"  and is also offered framed and shipped for free within the USA . "The Barn At Red Mile" is on my website.

Now back to rearranging the studio.....right after taking a fresh air break with Nellie.I am going to walk the dog!!


Ann's Art said...

This is such a gorgeous painting of the foal, it looks as though it is about to move but decides to wait, something difficult to project but you have achieved it....ann.

Kpeters said...

Thank you Ann.I am looking at the image on my older PC and the colors are way off...way too dark. What a difference from a different monitor.