Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter Has A Hold On The Farm

"The Exerciser - Keeneland"    watercolor on board     12 x 12"

The winter weather broke for awhile.We had a taste of spring for a few days and rain came in last night with a pounding force that melted the snow that was piled up over the past month. Today I can see patches of brown, green and that means mud is not far behind. But we will have to wait for the mud while as a cold snap comes back with snow squalls and winds that bite. Our brook is rushing ,freed of it winter mantle, but ice coats our paths and walking needs a concerted effort to stay upright.

When winter refuses to leave...I stay in my studio. 

I have finished the above watercolor, done on Amperstand watercolor board. I have used this board before and like how the Sennelier watercolors slide around on the clay surface of the board. I will finish this painting off with a fixative that protects the watercolor and allows the painting to be framed WITHOUT glass. A novel idea.  The painting, "The Exerciser - Keeneland",   will be available from me, on my website.... until I decide what paintings go to what gallery during the summer months.
I also ventured out the other day for a quick plein air foray in pastels....the result is the following 5 x 7" painting on pastel board. "Winter Barn" is available, but I am redoing my website and it might not be put up on my site. In fact a lot of work will be taken off my site. Call it spring cleaning?

"Winter Barn"     5 x 7"      pastel on  Amperstand pastel board

Nellie does not like this rainy and now cold weather....The temps are falling now more than a degree a hour with high winds bringing snow. This morning it was 42F. Now it is 27F and falling. Nellie has decided to stay snuggled up in our bed....I am headed down to put the horses in. Winter winds are blowing.

Wake up Sleepy Nell!


Rochester Trail Riders said...

I like your work. I'd love it if you'd join in on our Equine version of Wordless Wednesday at

Sarah Howe said...

Love your work! The detail of the horse is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing!

BonnieBanters said...

Completely stately and classic!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I'm with Nellie!!!

Ashleigh said...

I love your paintings and have always been fascinated with horses. I recently found your blog, started following it and love it. That's why I wanted to share the Stylish Blogger Award I received with you and your blog...come on over and "pick it up."

Kpeters said...

Thanks everyone...It has been a busy week on the farm and I am been out straight with life and animals....I am so happy that you all like my blog...and life goes on!