Monday, March 21, 2011

Girl In The Hood

Nellie styling it in her new sweatshirt.
Today a package arrived in the mail....surprises for me ...for Les ...and for Nellie!  Nellie now has a new spring sweatshirt and she has been proudly wearing it around the farm. She has the whole New York hood swagger down pat....she is the 'girl in the Hood'!! She is BIG and she is BAD!! Be afraid!!!

The snow is slowly melting,  leaving bits of green and mud. But I am not complaining. Spring is officially here and with it the promise of gardening. I am so ready this year. I am actually excited about it this year! We have started cleaning up the back arbor that the deer ruined this winter as they pulled down our grape vines and clematis vines. I see day-lily leaves spiking through the ground. My curly garlic is green and growing. Birds are singing ,calling for new mates, singing their hearts out,  filling the air with music.

Spring melt on the farm.
I have had time to work on new paintings and the painting below is one of new works which are slated for galleries for the summer season. This is one of my Tennessee Walking geldings, Dom. Dom is 30 years young this year. He has been my "man" for over 25 years. "He... the man!!" Dom and his pasture buddy, Duster have been the models for my "Shades of Black" series. Both are black TWH geldings.

"Spring Green"   Casein on board         6 x 6"

Now down to the studio. I have work to get done before the gardening time catches up to me!


Sarah Howe said...

love it!!! I love dressing my little puppy in sweaters, we have a red plaid one she's fond of... and so is her boyfriend "Rambo" my dads little 4 pound teacup poodle. He's in LLUUUVVV!

I adore your farm also!

Anonymous said...

That girl looks faboo in her cool new threads.

Alyson Champ said...

Hi Kathi,
You know, I'm working on a collage series of dogs in sweaters (don't ask why, I don't know). You should send me a picture of your girl in her hoodie and I'll include her.

Studio at the Farm said...

Miss Nellie certainly looks snug!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Love the sweatshirt!!!

Kpeters said...

Nellie doesn't really like clothes..she is sort of a free spirit! but she liked the sweatshirt!
Alyson, email me your address...

We love our farm too.. but we also like Italy!

Kpeters said...

lol.....YES....Nellie is styling!


ToCatchAPony said...

30 years young, like that. Love your pallete as usual, you are very inspiring!

Kpeters said...

Thanks so much Antonia.....paint away!!!