Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pondering The Small Things

Oil painting  on Copper substrate....a work in progress.  10 x 10"
"There is a reason things happen the way they do in life. I truly believe we are in life, where we are for a reason....not just random happenstance . " I awoke at four a.m. this morning with these words rumbling around in my mind. I got up and wrote them down. Then I went back to bed and slept. I wonder what that was all about? But I am sure I will soon find out!

I have two paintings in their ugly stage in my studio now. My  holiday commission work is all done, except for one watercolor for a certain client, but that can wait until after the holidays. This is good, because I am really feeling the need to get into some original work. Outside a very gentle snow falls and earlier I was called out to the soft flakes to walk the dogs. We walked by our brook where the soft gurgling water welcomed us. Such a soothing sound.....I could sit and listen to it for hours...and often do to be honest. The dogs enjoy searching the brook's banks for bugs and mice while I just sit and enjoy the sounds of our woods.

By our brook stands a clump of birch. I love the white/gray birch year round, dressed in green leaves or stripped of their green, standing tall against the winter skies. I love painting birch. I have done several paintings of them....but now feel I need to approach depicting the birch bark up close and personal. One of our birch in particular is so interestingly different than the rest. How shall I approach it? Watercolor? Oil? .......

Our birch with its lovely coat.

While I ponder this....Nellie is telling me that she wants a walk. Maybe we will walk by the brook again,look at our birch and enjoy the brook's song. These pleasures are all there not by random circumstance.....they are there for our blessing.

Nellis says "Lets go out! Please!!"


Leenie said...

Your blog is a joy to visit. I check out every post and gain inspiration for my own pilgrimage through watercolor paintings. I have two in progress right now. But the big one is not exciting me.

I do like your thought about reasons for things happening. Glad you remembered it when you awoke.

The birch bark photo is a beauty. That will be a challenge to capture. I'd go watercolor, but only because I've neglected my oils too long.

Isa.. said...

Yes it is true. There is a reason for everything. We were created for a reason.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Can't wait to see how the birch bark works out. Looks like a watercolor to me, but I love oils I guess I'm no help!

Kpeters said...

Thanks Leenie...I hope I can impact with a positive message. I will see when I get into the birch image what medium to use......The texture of the bark is so interesting!

Kpeters said...

Isa.I gree!!..I know I understood that when I survived a stroke 4 years ago,,,"we are created for a reason"!!

Gaina said...

I bet the birch would look lovely in oils, or even acrylics to make it really tactile :D.

Escorts said...

Can't wait to see how the birch bark works out.

Kpeters said...

I have work on my "plate" that might take me away from the birch for a while...but I will get back to it and am leaning towards using oil on copper for this...........maybe. ;-)