Thursday, December 30, 2010

It Was All About The Storm

The snow fell and blew.
  The week started with snow.Then more snow..... and then it blew around the farm recreating moguls and drifts, which made the path to the barn disappear from sight. The dogs did not want to go out of the warmth of the house. Ican't say I did either! Our cat slept thoughout the storm, getting up only to race crazed around the cottage, then curl up again and sleep. I wanted to just curl up and sleep too, but horses needed care and the dogs needed to be dragged out occasionally to take care of business. And then after the snow stopped, and skies cleared, came the shoveling out. Not much time was spent in the studio. More time was spent just trying to get 'life' back to a 'norm' for winter chores.....horses out,horses in...dogs out and about ....paths to and from it all.

View of barn after storm & my stars that hang on our deck...for my starry starry night enjoyment!

Duster and Dom enjoy their snow bath each morning.

The horses were more than happy to get out and roll in the new snow. Our neighbor came with his snowmobile and punched a path for Les to wend his way out to the manure pile. Life has taken it's winter schedule and yes, I will be getting back into the paint . I grab my studio time as I can.


In the meantime....All of us at Cob Cottage want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Some exciting new happenings on my front.....more about that later. Now it is time to walk the dogs along their snow maze down to the barn!!


sue said...

Hard work though it may be, the snow looks very beautiful (for a short time)

I love the picture of Dom and Duster rolling in the white stuff. My mare hates snow (but she is 25 years old now so doesn't enjoy the cold weather much)!

Wishing you every happines in 2011

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Too funny seeing the horses! I've never seen our horses roll around in the snow!!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

I've been waiting to see what the snow did in your neck of the woods. It is beautiful and so refreshing looking. I imagine it changes the color of things. Enjoy what it brings to you and have a Happy New Year! xo Jenny

cgangie said...

Our horses do it even so!
I wish you a Happy New Year!