Sunday, October 10, 2010

Plein Air Equestrian

"Plein Air Equestrian"                oil on copper                 10 x 10"

When I first saw the reference shot for this painting, I knew it had to be painted. I can relate to so much of it's subject matter. Riding, plein air painting, side saddle.....just so inspiring. The photo that has these images [but not as actually depicted here] was provided by friend Yvonne Kauklija of Coldwell Productions from Sweden. Yvonne is a lady full of novel ideas and she never ceases to amaze me with her myriad of inventions. Yvonne's ideas have spurned me onto several paintings in oil, that needed to be done on their copper substrate...a substrate that lends the finished painting a warm and inner glow."Plein Air Equestrian , a sort of surreal depiction of a moment in available on my website.

The World Equestrian Games ,that are taking place in Lexington,KY, end this week. Lexington was a hopping place to be these past 3 weeks. I was there the week before the 'hopping' started,but did get to see some of the preparations that were going on for the influx of visitors for this equine event. I have heard from so many friends and collectors of my art who are down WEG and who actually went into Lexington city proper to see my artwork hanging at Gallery B and at the AAEA 's Invitational Exhibit at the Lexington History Museum.
Maybe I wasn't there physically ...but it's best sometimes to let my paintings speak for their selves!!


RLT Art said...

Brilliant work!
I love it :)

Kpeters said...

THANK you RLT! Glad you love it. Paint what you love and it comes easy.....:-)

Have a creative week!

Online Product Directory said...

I just found your site (Blogger recommended you!) and I'm glad I clicked to see your page! Your art is absolutely gorgeous. I really look forward to seeing more of the work you post!

Quality said...

your art work is wonderful & very inspirational

Blackmouth said...

Great job!

I love your artwork.
It has a Victorian feel to all the right ways.

I don't know much about art.
I hope it is not an insult in art circles to compare your work to 19th century works.
I mean the Victorian reference as a high compliment.

These3Butterflies said...


Kpeters said...

Glad you all found me after Blogger took notice!!
Have a great day! I did!