Friday, October 22, 2010

Feeling The Cold

Nellie is a good mouser!

Weather has  been slowly getting colder over the past few days. I am dressed in my woolly orange sweater and still I feel the chill. I don't know what I will be doing when the real winter weather hits the farm! [ Dreaming of Italy.... I am sure!!! ]  Mice have been moving into the barn to get warm.The two pups smell them and  Addie, our Corgi and Nell, our JRT are all over the hay, trying to ferret them out! This chore keeps them busy, busy, busy while I muck out the stalls each day.
With cold weather, I will be spending more time in my studio. That is a good thing! [ As Martha would say.] I have big plans for new works, pushing the envelope a bit on technique,...eagerly waiting for painting supplies coming from Sennelier in France, as I have been picked to do a blind study of some products.....I  wonder what they will send?

Morning fog sits on the evergreen spruce.

Between taking care of the horses, walking the dogs and grabbing studio time when I can,  I have  been shipping paintings to shows, galleries and clients. Invitational shows have been coming up pretty often lately....I am always honored to be "picked" to exhibit in a show. So I have been getting up earlier each day to make good use of my time. The added perk,  to getting up early, is that I have been witness to some wonderful sunrise scenes in our own back yard!  I am sort of feeling like the early bird who has been catching the worm these days! I love the morning fog that sits over our back forest and I know that I will be painting that soon!

"Hello"   watercolor is sold.

So back to packing now....paintings being shipped ...and paint awaits me as it dries on my palette. I am wrapped in my happy fall sweater and have to get busy...following the example of my pups...busy, busy, busy!!!


Marie Theron said...

What a sweet watercolor, Kathi,you look right into the soul of the horse! Your photography is very good too, the atmospheric photo can win a prize any day!

Gabriele Agustini said...

Ohhhh! I LOVE your art!!
It's my first visit here and I'm really enjoying your blog!
I was an oil painter for most of my life.
I'm a silk-painter now, so art is very important to me.
You are one talented lady!!

Kpeters said...

Thank you Marie,
Sometimes I think the scenes around this farm just shoot themselves so to speak!
and Thank you so very much Gabriele....Glad to meet a fellow painter!


koalamarysassypants said...

I'm new to blogging and your blog is the first one I've followed.

Love your latest update and your paintings. I paint as well mainly using acrylics but sometimes oils. I just adore your horse paintings.

Veronica Lodge said...

Happy you are a blog of note and I have found you. I am a horse and dog owner also (along with a JRT mouser). Looking forward to your posts!

chachijoan said...

What a beautiful site. Your's is the first blog I have picked to follow. I hope this comment makes it to you. Your blog is very pleasing. I love traveling the united states and Maine is one state I have yet to see, your blog makes me feel as if I am seeing it now. The Barn shot on the 18th of this month sooooooooooooo nice.

cgan said...

Hello, what a wonderful blog! I love your art and the horses and dogs. I will be back and have a look!
Greats from Germany

Kpeters said...

Thanks ALL! Happy to know where are art lovers,other JRT owners and horse enthusiasts like me in the world...and that a lot of you are following my blog! Smiling here, I am!!! :-)

Leenie said...

Congrats on making blog of note! Glad to meet you. Your work is refreshing and exciting. Horses. Well, people who don't like them are just weird.

We are breaking out our layers of fuzzy thermals in Idaho too.

Crescent Seward said...

LOVE your work on horses! Do you follow the Breeder's Cup? Wondering if you're a fan of Zenyatta . . .

Kpeters said...

Thanks All for your reading my blog. and YES Crescent,I love Zenyatta...who could not?!! What a great filly!! I haven't painted her ..but would love to!!

JScott said...

Beautiful pups!
The watercolor is gorgeous!
Freezing weather has hit my area as well. I need groceries but I don't want to go out in the cold to get them :(

Eye on the Earth said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your artwork and your blog.
You do beautiful work.