Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Little Landscape Oil Painting

"Duck Brook Bridge Again"      O/C                5 x 7"

I like doing small quick oil paintings... sometimes just to capture a scene and see if I want to go further with the idea. I have so many Acadia scenes that sing to me....this is one of them. I think I will pursue this scene in more detail....but it may take me a while to get to it. I have work I need to finish, both originals and commission works. I am still looking through photos taken while in Lexington and Georgetown, Kentucky. And I have winter scenes I need to get painted now.I have put this small oil on my website.
Fall is starting to show its colors around the farm. The horses are starting to sport the beginnings of their winter coats. I am so not looking forward to the Corgi's shedding [blowing] her summer coat for her winter' woollies'.....and WHO told me that JRT's don't shed??? 


sue said...

Tell me about it!!! My mare has been changing coats for the past 3 weeks ... seems it was no time I was brushing out all the Winter coat .. Seasons just don't seem to last as long nowadays :o)

Kpeters said...

It was a weird season here with, it seems, two shedding times in the spring and now early haircoat coming in. But our horses are mostly getting on in years....that may be the reason here!

Anonymous said...

This is amazaing

My opinion of trifle things said...

Your art work is astounding it must take a lot of work. Such details they are brilliant. It has been a long time that I've been around a horse.