Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Losing the War...The Fight Has Been Fought

This is what is left of my string beans on their tepee poles.

I have given up. I have fought 'the battle' with our resident deer population all summer and they have won. I have harvested what I could out of our veggie garden and have left the rest for the deer, the squirrels, the birds.......let the gleaners come. Actually we did get produce to last us into the winter months, while eating fresh veggies all summer. I have frozen tomatoes galore for winter soups and sauces.Our winter squash are piled in my studio, and I have apples, grapes and pears harvested from our orchard and arbor for pies and juicing. The Lord provides!   So I have decided to let the deer win....but they BETTER stay away from my clematis and grapevines!!!!!
Our arbor is laden with purple grapes now.

I have been enjoying my walk from the studio down to our horse barn of late. I love the fall light, the cool cave of the grapevines covering our arbor, the bench waiting by the fire pit for cool evening fires to sit by.... while contemplating the world's dilemma or just" chillin".

I am busy daily on seasonal commissions, and original work. Working on my family series and some new oils on copper. But one of the fun paintings I have going, is a casein [so far] of a lady whip and her Cardigan Corgi! I must admit I jumped on this one while I was so taken with the Corgi, the basket, the driver's turnout! I love doing driving paintings....I really do!

One of the casein "Works In Progress" a 12 x 12" fun painting!
Yes.......Gray fall days spent in the studio are very enjoyable. And not having to fight the deer for veggies is even better. Life is good on Cob Cottage Farm!


sue said...

Yes, sometimes its better to give in gracefully isn't it? We no longer grow Kentish Cob (hazlenuts) in our garden because the squirrels strip the trees at the very moment the nuts ripen!

At least you have had a good harvest and plenty in stock for the Winter


Kpeters said...

Sue...this time I had to give up or loose my sanity!!! LOL

kannan said...

V. good