Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

Friday morning I got up before the sun had spilled into our farm......and I caught this shot from our deck, at that magical moment as the sun started creeping across the pastures , into the pond behind the barn ,through the barn doors and hitting the night mist as it rose above the stand of spruce that reach up skyward from the very back of our pastures. Fall color has not yet begun, but will soon. The morning chill of the past few mornings tell me that it is time to get out my sweaters and warm socks.....summer is done.

The horses have all started getting their winter coats already. The bay Cobs are dappled with red in their coats. The Corgi has thrown 3 coats of shedding hair all through the house.....even Mittens, the wizard kitty, has blown her summer coat and is sporting her winter fur. And I can tell that my indoor allergies are in full blossom........ And that is ONE reason that I paint in casein!!

I am finishing up another papercut of a Saddlebred, inspired from my Lexington, Kentucky outing of last summer.
And new work needs to be shipped to Chisholm Gallery in New York...........and I have started a watercolor of three Peruvian Pasos.

...........and then there are the gardens that need to be put to bed.

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