Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

The area of Maine that we live in is very rural. It is still a part of Maine that has open space and working farms. We drive on a back country road to get to Belfast...Belfast is where we go to shop, get our horse supplies, visit doctors,etc. We have been living here going on 6 years now, and we were drawn to this area because of the rural-ness...the dirt roads to ride horses on, and carriage drive. Now we see more houses being built...more farms being divided for development. We laugh that maybe it is time to move more north!
The old barn in this landscape graced some fields that we pass on our way to Belfast. We used to get some of our horses' hay out of this old barn from a local farmer who stored his crop in it. We watched as the old barn and out buildings crumbled....the silo leaned as the boards rotted. It was like watching an old man change with time. A reminder that we aren't getting any younger either!
And then one day we were saddened to see the old barn down....the outbuilding torned down and the huge support beams being hauled away. It was gone so fast ...Here today and then gone tomorrow.
I had started this casein while the barn was standing.....then I put it away and forgot about it.
I got it out a while ago...and now I call it done. It sort of reminds me that I need to do things now...before there is no tomorrow.

This painting is casein on board , sized at 14 x 18"......

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