Monday, July 7, 2008

Lipizzan In The Works

Yesterday I started this watercolor of a Lipizzan horse , what a powerful horse he is and you can see the power and movement in his eye and neck. A good friend of mine, Juliet Harrison, who happens to be an accomplished photographer, gave me permission to paint this shot. I am always so excited to see her new work ...and this [ a bit edited ] is from a photo shoot that she did in New York. Thank you, Juliet!

I started with a rough sketch and this time I didn't do a value study with graphite, but have gone right into the work with watercolors. This work has a long thin composition, and my scanner can only show part of it...
I will keep you posted as I make head way on this. I am working on a watercolor of Herefords at the same time ...oh.. and a new papercut! My muse is working overtime!

But I must admit I have been a bit reoccupied at the moment getting things finalized for a trip down to Lexington, KY to go to the opening book signing for
Vicky Moon's new book 'Equestrian Style"...and to show a few of my papercuts at Gallery B. And while there I plan on getting to the Kentucky Horse Park.....and Keeneland ...and The American Academy of Equine Art.
This will be a fast trip...but fun I am sure. And for 4 days I will not have to clean stalls or throw hay!


Lynn said...

zarzour1Hi Kathi,
I love your Lipizzaner. I lost out on the silent auction item for the clambake again. There was pretty good competition. I think Cynnie got it. Maybe next time.

Kpeters said...

Thank you is not done yet..but will be when I get back from KY.
Have a great week!