Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back Home Again

What a trip! The whole experience went by too fast. But I am happy to be home in Cob Cottage !!!

The Kentucky Horse Park is huge....and it was HOT and this ole' New Englander is not used to that sort of heat. But with downing a lot of H2O I managed to survive.
On the evening of 18th my friend, Bobbye and I went to the opening and book signing of "Equestrian Style" at Gallery B in Lexington. It was so neat to meet Vicky Moon and to actually see the gallery on Main Street. My contact with Vicky, prior to the publication of the book, was all email and by phone. I had never been down to Lexington to see the gallery either. It was a lovely reception...good food, wine and very interesting people to talk to. Lyn Raff, photographer and editor of Horse Art magazine was at the signing too and we got a chance to talk. I enjoyed my 'outing'.

Bobby and I spent two days doing the Kentucky Horse Park and Keeneland Race Track... we even got to The Red Mile to see where I have been showing for years at Tattersall's Harness Tracks of America's Annual Art Exhibit and Auction. My paintings and papercuts had been seen and been hung in these spots..but this was a first for me! I was able to get neat morning shots at Keeneland stable and exercising shots.... Bobbye, who grew up there as a kid while her father 's horses raced, knew where to take me ...what to see...so I was able to get the feel and aura of the this racing Mecca.

The demonstrations at the Horse Park were great and afforded me a primo chance to get wonderful reference shots for future paintings. This shot above of a Spotted Saddle Horse 'dancing the pole' is just one of the shots that I have to inspire me. [I am wondering if my Walking Horse , Duster and I can do this???] The best surprise though was getting to see Clay Maier and his Friesian pair that he rides tandem! Awesome!

The Champagne Run Horse Trials were going on too...I got some neat dressage shots.

And I actually got to see the American Academy of Equine Art's building and to watch Shelly Hunter doing a sculpture workshop. The Carriage Association of America's Museum was closed..that was a let down.....but we did go into the Horse Museum to get out if the heat for a bit.

My advice....if you are into horses...plan a trip to the Kentucky Horse Park. I will go back ...but next time it will not be done in the summer!!! I will stay home in Maine where Life is like it is supposed to be!!

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