Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Italian Lover

Two Italian Greyhounds rule the roost at the home of a friend on Deer Isle, Maine. They are the men in her life right now....how handsome are they??!!! AND I get a taste of Bella Italia while I paint these handsome men!! This is one of Penny 's men....and I call this painting "Italian Lover".

This is an 8 x 6" casein on canvas mounted on board, that I worked on while I also am working on a casein of a male Corgi.. and another 16 x 20" casein for the
'Shades of Black' series. I find I need to be working on several paintings at the same time, and I go from one piece to the other as glazes dry and the paintings seem to emerge from one stage to the next. This is how I have worked for years....and I don't think I could change my system at this point in my life.

It makes for a messy studio, but a productive one!!

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