Monday, January 21, 2008

BT Raspberry

Today is too cold. The sun shines bright in the studio, but it was deceiving...It is a bone chilling 9 degrees out with a windchill that makes the horses very frisky and "playful". I guess it is not a good day to ride!!! ;-)
So I have finished this 6 x8" casein of a Boston Terrier who was blowing a raspberry at the camera. This little guy is a spitting-image of the actor/comedian Marty Feldman. "Frankie" has a wall eye....and every time I look at Frankie's photo, I see Mr. Feldman. I have some other shots of dear Frankie that I will be doing in the near future....but now I need to finish the small casein of an Italian Greyhound. This is as close to Italy as I will get this week!
And I have managed to get some new works up onto my website for viewing. This is a good thing.

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