Monday, March 5, 2007

Why Casein?

It seems that I am always explaining what casein is and why do I use it? ...
There are so many different painting mediums I could be using, but time and time again I am drawn back to casein and what it does for me.
Casein is a water media paint made from milk protein. It has become my medium of choice with it's wealth of possible applications. I can do aqueous washes, layering delicate glazes, all speeded up by its quick drying time. Or I can paint thickly with a knife as if in oils. I can apply it in a consistency of tempera or gouache in a dry brush technique for detailed work. In other words...casein does ..for me...what all the other mediums can do. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
So I guess I need to get back to painting!
Attached is one of my favourite paintings, "In Your Face", a 16 x 20 casein on canvas. These ponies look at me as I work on my "Shades of Black" Series.........good company in my studio!

1 comment:

klp said...

Great painting of the this a pun on caseins?
I enjoy using them as well...very earthy colors and interesting textures.
I want to hear more about your cuttings and how they come about.