Monday, March 12, 2007

Hunter Jumpers...unite!

There are 3 "Hunter-Jumper" works, a bit united, but each a work on their own. The first "Cinching Up", is almost able to be part of the "Shades of Black" series. But it isn't.

The other 2 works almost are a triptych . "Hunter Jumper 1" and "Hunter Jumper 2". But they don't need to be. These are all caseins, all 12 x 12", and from the same palette.
Now I need to move on to new works...........maybe a paper cutting?

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klp said...


These three hunter/jumper paintings are indeed strong enough to be displayed alone, as you say, but when hung together as a triptych..the panorama packs quite a punch! I particularly like the low horizon line in your works...very interesting perspective. Klynn