Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Floral Series, So Far

Time seems to flies these days. I have been working in the studio all day, but have been very neglect ibex of posting and blogging about my new work. I think that the last time I sent out an email newsletter was last fall … yes fall of 2015. At least I can not be accuses of filling your email boxes with spam !! But I do need to apologize for not getting my latest works out there for those who are interested in my art … and I know there are some of you out there in cyber world who are collectors and following my work.

I have been painting,drawing and creating new works in new media and stretching my creative repertoire. I have started a series of floral work  in charcoal, conte and gouache. So far works are on paper. I plan on using other substrates and mediums as I see where I can go with this series.

I started with portraying my spent bee balm seed stalks, as they stand after our old Maine winter.  I am enjoying this working series.… with 5 done so far. I am starting to do another subjects too. Working in a  series as always been a favorite way of working for me. It is as if one finished work pushes me onto the next… all connected , all different. Here are the works so far. What do you think?