Thursday, October 15, 2015

New ..... A Downeast Lighthouse Painting

"Dice Head Lighthouse - Castine,Maine" , Oil  12 x 12" ©2015

My latest oil painting depicts the beautiful “Dice Head Lighthouse” of Castine, Maine. A summer road trip Downeast prompted a visit to this lighthouse. The surrounding trees, in the yard of the lighthouse, had branches draped with gray -green lichen. I was fascinated with the way it decorated the landscape…..and chose adding it for my first work depicting this interesting lighthouse. The current tower was built in 1829 out of rubble stone, remodeled in 1858 and has long since been dark, replaced by an automated light tower. The lighthouse is a delight to the eye.

Fall has settled in on our small farm. We are starting to put our carriages away for the winter, and getting ready to pull out the snow blower and put away the lawnmowers. I love the cool [some cold] nights and sun filled days where bright orange and yellow color washes the forested edges of our fields, dispersed by the dark greens of our spruce and pines. The horses are full of energy and playfulness. The yard is busy with the seed hording of our resident varmints and Nell is in hunt mode all day in full terrier tradition.

I am trying to find time to paint……………

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Revisiting Paintings Done With Another Approach


Sometimes an painting idea can be approached , painted and after the painting is done, the subject calls to be approached again but from another direction. This happened lately with 2 painting that I have done. One was initially finished very recently. The second was painted over the past winter. I learn something every time I do this, the reworking of a painting, changing out the medium , the format and stretching maybe with my vision. I am not alone with this 'reworking' of works. Many of the masters have done it over the centuries. I am in good company.
 "Among The Fields Of Gold" done originally in oil , was re-worked with version a full oil portrait, and the second done in a loose watercolor study with a more abstract approach. Each medium sort of dictated the approach for me.

The second painting that I felt compelled to rework in a cropped version ended up being in oil in a small square format. The original painting was a portrait of sorts, done in casein and more involved. The cropped version is featuring just the head of the horse, the rider cropped out, done in juicy oil paint.

The original work was done as a portrait of a side-saddle equestrian. Both works are featured on my website now.... "The Classic" and "A Lady and Her Horse" .
And now today I have three new panels that I  have  prepared for more paintings.....I am painting.

Drawn To Grey And Fields Of Gold


"Among The Fields Of Gold"  , oil on board,  12 x 12"  ©2015

The long awaited rain has poured down on our farm. The brook that lay parched all summer, is now flowing over its banks. What is the old saying? …. It never rains, but it pours!! Apropos for today.
Another oil painting is done.  ”Among The Fields Of Gold “ is a 12 x 12” oil with a bit of gold added…..It speaks to me of lazy hot days of late summer , when fields that once were green and lush are now dried and yellow, as fields of gold. I really felt a connection with this painting…….  Fall is definitely in the air now and I am sure my palette will show that as I work on new work.
I am in the studio today, as it rains to beat the band outside, I am painting.