Saturday, April 11, 2015

So You Want To Paint With Casein? My Latest Painting

" The Big Boys"  casein on claybord , 16 x 16' ©2015

I have been so often asked how to paint in casein. It is hard for me to explain how I love working in a media that so many find difficult to use. I have been working in casein since I started using it , along with tempera , years ago while living in Italy. I love tempera, but I am in love with casein and always have been. Both are opaque paints , casein a milk based paint.....and tempera an egg based paint. Both paints smell. But I love the smell of the casein emulsion......and the way it is works, for the way I paint. I work in small spirts of studio time. I work with glazes a lot, and can paint a layer  and let it dry and then come back and add another glaze, with the length of time left between glazes dictating how much of the previous layers will effect the newest layer.  I have done some workshops on to paint with casein....but my feeling is that if you are interested in a medium......then read all you can about it. Get some of it  and experiment with it.

I just finished the above casein painting of two handsome draft driving horses. The pair were working up at Acadia's Wildwood Stables last summer and are another in my works depicting the handsome horses pulling the carriages along the carriage roads of Acadia National Park. This painting is available on my website.

Mother Nature has be teasing us with some spring like weather. It felt so good after months [it seems] of being in the cold hard grasp of  winter and too much snow. Our snow is melting. There is hope.

Until it is gardening weather I will paint!

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