Monday, February 9, 2015

The New Year Has Started Without Me It Seems

"A Lady And Her Horse"  , casein on Raymar board,  16 x 12" ©2015

The year started with me full of good intentions............ and then my muse was captured by the vision of a beautiful lady riding side saddle on a handsome gray PRE .....the proverbial white horse. I was hooked................

But now the January 2015 winter storm of ‘Historic Proportions ‘ has swirled around outside my studio walls. We readied the farm and cottage for high winds and epic snow amounts. What we had is a usual Nor’easter….! But better to be safe than sorry. We were safe. Our horses were safe in their cozy stalls munching hay,...........  and I even managed some studio time. I started a new casein equine painting.

I have also finished the casein above, done of a lovely lady riding sidesaddle, the image provided by the owner of the handsome Pre horse. The horse and his lady and the owner of the PRE all live in Italy. I really enjoyed doing another sidesaddle painting. I have done several in the past, but I never tire of portraying this classic equestrian discipline….. It is so sophisticated and ladylike. I have always wanted to learn to ride side saddle, but never did get around to doing it. Now, at this point in my life I will stick with driving. The painting “A Lady and Her Horse” is now up on my website and available unframed.

I have been doing some drawing too……and after receiving a box of beautiful blood oranges from a friend, I had to sit down and draw them before I ate them. I am doing a great job of eating them! I do want to paint some before they are all gone!
The snow still blows around our cottage, banking our outside walls with white.
I will continue painting!

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