Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sometimes Life Throws A Curve

"My Duster" , a watercolor portrait I did of my boy.

It has been a long month …this past month was one of worry and sadness. My old Duster horse was not doing well. He had been “my boy” for 28 years. I was there when he was born out of my Tennessee walker mare Ebony, and he had been with us throughout his life. It is hard to lose a fur kid…and our horses are a big part of our lives. They are our lives now.  Over the past month the vet was here regularly as Duster failed .and we hoped he would rally. It was not to be. So last week we had to say goodbye to my dear boy. My heart broke with this passing, but I can only pray that he is now somewhere running free across the Rainbow Bridge. I have done several paintings of Sundusts Glory Boy B [aka Duster]. One of my favourite ones is a watercolor of the boy…done when he was a bit younger.

 During this ordeal I managed to paint a bit. But it was hard to concentrate. I was inspired to do a small painting of a small bird’s nest that I found shortly before Duster’s passing. I think it is a hummingbird’s nest as it is so small. It had blown down to the ground during one of the rain storms that blew through our farm while Duster was so ill.  It seems to be woven with Duster’s mane and tail hair… and gray….with a mix of browned grass. I don’t think it was ever finished and I hope no eggs were in it when it fell. I have kept the nest in memory of by sweet boy. I was impelled to painting it…I did it in oil on a small copper panel.  It is done and available. I have my memories…maybe someone else can relate to the painting and find joy.

June is always a magical month in my gardens that surround my studio and cottage. I am afraid the gardens are a bit neglected at the moment, but hopefully I can find time to get into the gardens now…. between preparing for new paintings and getting work ready to ship to Equidae Gallery for the race season in Saratoga Springs, NY.   
Taking time to smell the roses.

"The Garden Hat And Roses"  , oil on copper,  6 x 8"